Petrology of the Sedimentary Rocks by J. T. Greensmith (auth.)

By J. T. Greensmith (auth.)

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By J. T. Greensmith (auth.)

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The latter are commonly angular and have often been faceted or striated by attrition on rock surfaces, or by mutual pressure. Boulder clay sometimes contains intercalated beds of sand and gravel, and thus grades into fluvioglacial deposits. To find true modern boulder clay we must turn to Greenland, Spitzbergen or the Antarctic, where it seems to be a characteristic product of glaciation by continental ice sheets. ,> 1. / . /W"/ ........ )! ;::........ 2-5 10 5 (}5 1·0 / Silt) :' . ,// / /I / .

Conglomerates which have derived their pebbles at second or third hand from older rudaceous deposits without access offresh material tend, therefore, to contain a high proportion of such resistant materials. The principal rocks which are found to behave in this way are vein-quartz, quartzite, flint, chert, jasper, rhyolite and quartz-aggregates derived from acid igneous rocks and gneisses. It is seldom that a gravel is composed entirely offragments offew kinds of rock (oligomictic); much more frequently it is polymictic, or composed of many kinds.

2-5 10 5 (}5 1·0 / Silt) :' . ,// / /I / . ~/ Is! 6 Mechanical compositIOn of glacial and fluvioglacial deposits expressed by cumulative curves based on sieving of the disaggregated particles. The quality of sorting (which reflects natural sorting processes) is indicated by the size range and slope of the curves. Narrow ranges and high slopes mean good sorting. All samples are from North America. The boulder clays (5,6) show characteristic poor sorting. The remainder, which are much better sorted, show the effects of water transport to varying degrees.

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