Navaho grammar.

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116. Final h of a prefix unvoices a following voiced consonant, usually a sibilant: dacde·ya (< dah-dji-de·ya < dah-j-de·ya) "he (4) has started to go forward;" datsiztf, (< dah-dziz-tf,) "he(4) is lying on top;" bo'ocnd'

Obj. " In the following example Ca'a- precedes dji- which is contracted to -j-, but : attaches itself to n : bajrii'tj, (< ba'adjini'

Neither sound occurs often enough to corroborate a theory. 21. The processes, nasalization, glottalization, aspiration, and labialization are related to various parts of the phonetic system. To understand them it is necessary to cut· across the system from bilabial stops to glottalized lateral affricatives, and to consider the relationship between consonants and vowels. 25. 22. Assimilation is one of the fundamental processes in the study of Navaho. " Hoijer has based his phonetic-phonemic analysis upon a subdivision of stems, prefixes ("prefinals," he calls them), and suffixes.

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