Matrix Pencils by B. Kagström, A. Ruhe

By B. Kagström, A. Ruhe

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By B. Kagström, A. Ruhe

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In addition to "Phase portrait" and "Set up," there are many other views that can be put into the viewing area. We will see how to do this shortly. 2, and decipher the information displayed in the two large rectangular views. Phase Portrait view: This, you recall, is the upper rectangle in which the solution curves will be displayed. 0, respectively. If the coordinate values of solutions fall outside this region, computations will continue, but they will not be plotted. These boundaries can be changed using the "WindoSize" entry of the menu.

11111111 Ti_ Ct ...... 1'''/1'1 t: 1 3. : >OJ. Ma. ro. Plano: Inlt Cond,,: : 1 . 2. The startup screen layout of PHASER. Kutt. 2, until you change it again. Undoubtedly you are now wondering what might happen if you type "g" for "Go". Please read on; the answer will be revealed shortly. 2, there are many others. We will say more about them in later lessons. Message Line: This is the thin horizontal rectangle on the bottom portion of the screen, containing the prompt "Make a choice: _ ". The message line is used to display user-supplied information as it is being typed, and, when appropriate, error messages and many other helpful prompts.

1IIII ~ ~t Xl va;; . I I ... ax: " Ma)C! _ XI us. li Polno lei Stal". ,",p Sau. n .... It. _ x .... _ II .. B. Graphs of x 1 and x 2 vs. time are shown in the top view, and the orbit Xl vs. X 2 in the bottom view. 53 Lessons with PHASER Lesson 6. Initial conditions and parameters. In this lesson, we will first learn how to enter multiple sets of initial conditions whose corresponding solutions will be plotted simultaneously. 1), linear2d. COMMAND: RESPONSE/EXPLANATION: i InitConds: To enter new initial conditions.

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