Design and validation of computer protocols by Gerard J Holzmann; American Telephone and Telegraph Company

By Gerard J Holzmann; American Telephone and Telegraph Company

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By Gerard J Holzmann; American Telephone and Telegraph Company

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Network Availability Example - Serial/Parallel Switch Calculations NOTE It is important to notice that only two interface cards were used in the end-to-end switch calculation. The reason for using two instead of three interface cards is that only two are required at any given time for connectivity. Another way to handle this is to include two interface cards in the router calculations and not in the switch calculations. At this point, learning the basics is the primary concern. That detail can be overlooked until the examples in Chapters 8 and 9.

Our coverage of N + M redundancy in this book is limited because we want to limit the mathematics required to simple equations as much as possible. However, in our examples in Chapter 7, "A Small ISP Network: An Availability Analysis," Chapter 8, "An Enterprise Network: An Availability Analysis," and Chapter 9, "A Large VoIP Network: An Availability Analysis," we will be using router and network examples which include the N + M and N + 1 redundancy methods. Coverage of N + M is given to you by including the SHARC (System Hardware and Reliability Calculator) spreadsheet tool on the CD with this book.

Many network designers consider only the hardware availability when designing their networks. Part II: Predicting Availability 41 42 Part II: Predicting Availability Over-simplified methodology is often supported by a lack of information provided by the manufacturers of internetworking equipment. It is difficult to remember that software will cause downtime when the product manufacturers clearly state MTBF predictions for the product, but completely omit any reference to software availability. It is even more difficult to consider the proposition that good and documented processes for installing, maintaining, and upgrading a network will have a critical effect on network availability.

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