Deathlands 50 Pandora's Reboubt by James Axler

By James Axler

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By James Axler

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They saw a lot of it in the nukelands of America. When a person got close to death by starvation, the twin tendons at the back of the neck would begin to stand out prominently. It was the sure sign that death was only days, maybe hours, away. "There was no food in the kitchen, or in storage," Mildred said. " Her hair tightened fiercely about her face as Krysty frowned. " Ryan scowled. " "Rather die," Jak spit, setting his jaw. " "Yeah," the Armorer agreed. " Dean said loudly, almost startling himself with the fervor of his cry.

Needs name," Jak said. " "May I suggest Leviathan," Doc countered. " Jak snorted. "Got no balls. " "Leviathan," Ryan decided, then relented. " Leviathan won. Inspecting underneath, Jak found some Claymore mines mounted on the belly near the exit hatch. Ryan decided to leave them there. It was a good idea to have your escape route mined in case of possible lurkers. " "It's the biggest find we've made since the redoubts themselves. " "It's why they fought. " "The idiots," Mildred snapped. " "Well, it's ours now," Dean stated, beaming.

The next room proved to be the top floor of the redoubt, a single cavernous expanse stretching off for hundreds of yards ahead of them. Broken military machines of a dozen different sizes and shapes dotted the floor in rows upon rows. It was the motor pool. Dean's hopes soared at the sight. His father had told him how many were the times they found working APCs or Hummers, some even with caches of stored fuel and ammo. None of the vehicles ever lasted long, but while they did the team rode in style and safety.

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