Conversational Russian in 20 Lessons by R. D. Cortina

By R. D. Cortina

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By R. D. Cortina

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Dezsó (Dežé), Očerki p o istorii zakarpatskix govorov, Budapest, 1967. Under such conditions, then, a changeover, or perhaps rather reinte­ gration, of a Slavic dialect such as the prototype of the speech of today’s Rusini may have been fairly natural or even expected. The additional, subsequent leveling force of the Serbian linguistic impact can only have contributed to make their vernacular both a peculiar, “isolated” lan­ guage (in the sense conceived by A. Vašek; cf. his paper “K vývoji ‘izo­ lovaného’ slovenského jazyka,” Slavia 44, 1975, 1-6) and a firmly embedded, multiple-integrated member of the Slavic language family.

Ja a n Puhvel, Berkeley: U niversity of C alifornia Press, 1969, pp. 147-203. , Ukrainian Language D ictionary, New York: K nyhospilka, 1959. I. M . , O rfohraficnyj slo vn y k u k ra jin s’k o ji m ovy, Kiev: “ N aukova D u m k a ,” 1975. H udson, G rover, “The R epresen tatio n of N on-P ro d u ctiv e A ltern a tio n ,” Pro­ ceedings o f the First In tern a tio n a l C onference on H istorical L inguis­ tics, II, eds. J. A nderson and C. Jo n es, A m sterdam : N o rth -H o lla n d , 1974, pp.

6) CS tj (and kt before front vowel), dj yield c, dz, as in Slovak, as against c, d ž /ž in Ukrainian: Rus vracac, Slk v ra c a ťv s. Ukr vorocaty; Rus, Slk noc vs. Ukr nic; Rus, Slk medza vs. —(7) CS (j)e- is reflected as je- in both Rusin and Slovak, but as o- in Ukrainian: Rus ješen \ Slk jeseň vs. Ukr osin\ To these more or less diagnostic criteria some other less well estab­ lished could be added where the language of the Rusini in m ost—not all—instances coincides with Slovak rather than with Ukrainian.

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