Compressed Earth Blocks. Manual of Production by Rigassi V.

By Rigassi V.

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By Rigassi V.

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E. a hot, humid environment. Wet curing prevents the evaporation of untrapped water from within the blocks which is vital for the limeclay reactions to occur. Curing in the sun under plastic sheeting raises temperatures and relative humidity. FIG. 39 48 Calculating how much stabilizer to use PRINCIPLES (see examples of calculations) Stabilization calculations always refer to the weight of dry materials. The proportions of stabilizer used corresponds to the percentage by weight of the stabilizer compared with the weight of the earth (including any sand or gravel which may have been added).

For non-integrated units, wheels making them easier to transport can also be useful. MIXERS The extent to which materials are evenly mixed is fundamental to the quality of the finished block. Ordinary cement mixers are not suitable, as earth is highly cohesive when wet. Unlike concrete, earth forms lumps of compacted matter which cannot subsequently be compressed. Some agricultural machinery such as motor cultivators, can be suitable. Here we consider more specifically designed equipment: Planetary mixers: blades are fixed to a vertical shaft which turns inside a tank.

For example, in one hour a bulldozer and one person can do what it would take forty people two days to do without machines. This therefore defines the equipment, the materials, and the labour-force required. ORGANIGRAMME AND ORGANISATION The methods and means of production are determined by allocating tasks between the various work-stations, thus setting the ideal output of each and the general coordination of the inputs and outputs of each operation. To avoid having to close down production because of a fall in output of one work station, buffer stocks should be allowed between each.

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