CK-12 Earth Science (2009) (Flexbook) by : Craig Freudenrich, John Benner, David Bethel, Dana

By : Craig Freudenrich, John Benner, David Bethel, Dana Desonie, Corliss Karasov, Mary Lusk, Erik Ong, Kurt Rosenkrantz, Julie Sandee

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By : Craig Freudenrich, John Benner, David Bethel, Dana Desonie, Corliss Karasov, Mary Lusk, Erik Ong, Kurt Rosenkrantz, Julie Sandee

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Think about all of the grains of salt that are in a salt shaker. The atoms are arranged in the same way in every piece of salt. Chemical Composition All minerals have a specific chemical composition. Minerals are either pure elements or chemical compounds. An element is a substance in which all of the atoms have the same number of protons. ) You cannot change an element into another element by chemical means because the number of protons does not change. Silver, sodium, silicon, and oxygen are a few of the elements found in minerals.

A few minerals are made of only one kind of element. The mineral silver is a pure element because it is made up of only silver atoms. 56 Most minerals, such as halite and quartz, are made up of chemical compounds. A chemical compound is a substance in which the atoms of two or more elements bond together. The elements in a chemical compound are in a certain ratio. Solid water (ice) is probably one of the simplest compounds that you know. As you can see in Figure 3, a molecule of the compound water is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Beaches Areas along the shore where sand or gravel accumulates. compass Hand-held device with a magnetic needle used to find magnetic north. compass rose Figure on a map or nautical chart for displaying locations of north, south, east and west. continent Land mass above sea level. continental margin Submerged, outer edge of the continent. 28 continental rise Gently sloping accumulation of sediments that forms where the continental slope meets the ocean floor. continental shelf Very gently sloping portion of the continent covered by the ocean.

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