Chaucer in Early English Dictionaries: The Old-Word by Johan Kerling

By Johan Kerling

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By Johan Kerling

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According tc Dryd~n Hi~ [Milton's ] Antiquat~d wards w~r~ hi~ Chcic~, net his N~c~Bsity, fer th~r@in h@ imitat~d Sp•na•r, as Sp•nQ•T did Chauc~r. Cit~d 23. Cf. by Spurg@on, ap. I, pp. 264- 65. Samul~ Cobb'~ sunk in a S@a cf Iqncranc~ w~ lay, Till cll~ua•r res~, and pcint~d cut th~ Day, A joking Bard, whcs~ Antiquat~d Mus~ In mouldy Wards cculd sclid S~ns~ prcduc~. (~. ap. cit,, val, I, p. 271. op, cit. 1 vol. I, p. xliii, Bnwlilr, ap. , (nat~ 1 abav~), p. 20. W@r, op. , p. 20. s~~ Br~w~r, ap. , pp.

S~~ Br~w~r, ap. , pp. 13, 14. S~~ K~rling, 'Old-Ward Gla~~ari~~·, pp. 144- 46, Cit~d 24. 2S, 26, 27. 28. liOO) by Spurq~an, CHAPTER THREE THOMAS SPEGHT AND HIS GLOSSARIES TO CHAUCER'S WORKS (1598, 1602) In the second half of the sixteenth century Chaucer was still appreciated as a good poet, but at the same time the Elizabethans found him increasingly difficult to read: apart from explicit statements to that effect, there is also the indirect evidence for this in the appearance of marginal and interlinear glosses in Chaucerian Mss 1 ), and most convincingly in the publication of an edition of Chaucer with an extensive glossary.

3. ed. Wheatley, p. xxiv. 4. C. Smith and E. ), Spenser, Poetical Works, London, 1912, repr. 1965, pp. 416- 17. 5. For a somewhat more detailed discussion of the glosses to the Shepheardes Calender, see. J. Kerling, 'English Old-Word Glossaries 1553-1594', Neophilologus 63, 1979, pp. 138 - 40. 6. For a survey of articles on Spenser's diction in the Shepheardes Calender, see E. G. M. Padelford, R. 7, London, Baltimore, 1943, repr. 1966, appendix iv, pp. 614 - 30. See also Vere L. Rubel, Poetic Diction in the English Renaissance from Skelton through Spenser, New York, 1941, repr.

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