Celtic Mythology A to Z, 2nd Edition by Gienna Matson, Jeremy Roberts

By Gienna Matson, Jeremy Roberts

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By Gienna Matson, Jeremy Roberts

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Storia delle terre e dei luoghi leggendari


La nostra immaginazione è popolata da terre e luoghi mai esistiti, dalla capanna dei sette nani alle isole visitate da Gulliver, dal tempio dei Thugs di Salgari all’appartamento di Sherlock Holmes.

Ma in genere si sa che questi luoghi sono nati solo dalla fantasia di un narratore o di un poeta.

Al contrario, e sin dai tempi più antichi, l’umanità ha fantasticato su luoghi ritenuti reali, come Atlantide, Mu, Lemuria, le terre della regina di Saba, il regno del Prete Gianni, le Isole lucky, l’Eldorado, l’Ultima Thule, Iperborea e il paese delle Esperidi, il luogo dove si conserva il santo Graal, l. a. rocca degli assassini del Veglio della Montagna, il paese di Cuccagna, le isole dell’utopia, l’isola di Salomone e los angeles terra australe, l’interno di una terra cava e il misterioso regno sotterraneo di Agarttha. Alcuni di questi luoghi hanno soltanto animato affascinanti leggende e ispirato alcune delle splendide rappresentazioni visive che appaiono in questo quantity, altri hanno ossessionato los angeles fantasia alterata di cacciatori di misteri, altri ancora hanno stimolato viaggi ed esplorazioni così che, inseguendo una illusione, viaggiatori di ogni paese hanno scoperto altre terre.

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He was the sister of Branwen, whose ill treatment at the hands of an Irish king sparked war between the two lands. birdsâ•… Winged creatures were frequent symbols in Celtic mythology. In early Celtic times the raven and the wren, especially, were thought to have powers of divination—the ability to foretell the future. The rooster may have been sacred to the Celts. In tales, birds often represent bad luck or foreshadow bloodshed. They also serve as messengers and guises of the gods. For example, the goddesses Badb, Macha (1), and Mórrígan appeared as crows on battlefields, foretelling an especially fierce fight.

Bláithéne (Bláthnad)â•… Birds are a common motif in Celtic mythology and art, the eagle being prominent among them. ) A love interest of Cúchulainn, who first saw her in the Otherworld. While there, he stole a magic cauldron, three cows, and Bláithíne herself. Her husband, a sorcerer and warrior named Cú Roí, recaptured them all, however. He repaid Cúchulainn by burying him up to his armpits and then shaving his head. By some accounts, Bláithíne helped Cúchulainn kill Cú Roí a year later. Her husband’s poet, seeking to avenge the betrayal, later murdered Bláithíne.

In another version of the story she had the power to predict the weather. If the day of the Imbolc festival dawned fair, she would come outside. But if the weather was foul, she would stay inside. A fair day on February 1 was a bad forecast for the rest of the year. Yet another hag, Cailleach Bhéirre, sought the love of a knight or hero, as told in the Mythological Cycle. If he complied, she would become young and beautiful. She went through seven cycles of youth to maturity, so that she saw seven husbands die of old age during her lifetime.

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