Cannae by Adrian Goldsworthy

By Adrian Goldsworthy

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By Adrian Goldsworthy

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Никакая другая монументальная художественная форма не была так широко распространена в Римской империи, как скульптурный портрет, и его воздействие на городскую жизнь было значительным. Объединяя широкий социо-исторический обзор с полным анализом индивидуальных образов, их установкой и сопутствующими текстами, эта книга предлагает метод прочтения скульптурных портретов и их значения, даже тех, которые были давно изъяты из их первоначального контекста и теперь украшают галереи музеев.

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Joseph Machebeuf has been overshadowed for greater than a century via his good friend and fellow priest, Jean Baptiste Lamy. during this biography Machebeuf comes into his personal, rising as an incredible determine within the unfold of ecu Catholicism throughout the American West. even if now not bodily strong, Machebeuf's nickname "Trompe los angeles Mort" ("Death's Deceiver") mirrored his confident nature and indomitable will.

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Ar e s ';;Ta u r Roman territory InSSUbres Ticinus X Alpine Passes C e n 0 man • Placentia X n B Trebia • Genoa 0 Bononia . Ariminum • • ,lassilia • Pisae • X Arret ium • Fanum Fortunae Lake Trasimene • • Asculum Perusia Corsica A d r a t i c Sea • Rome Ostia • Salapia · X Cannae ·Canusium Brundisium • Neapolis Sardinia • •Nola Heraclaa , T y r rh en a n Sea • Croton Drepana • Lilybaeum • • Syracuse Carthage · • Aspis •Neapolis Hadrumetum Tneveste • • • Camarina Me d i t e r r a n e an Sea CANNAE The Battle of he had moved on some days before, which was probably just as well, as the Trebia was fought Romans were significantly outnumbered.

Scipio's Roman, Italian and Gallic cavalry were outnumbered and enveloped by the Punic horse . As his troops fled the consul was badly wounded, and only escaped capture when his CARTHAGE , ROME AND T H E PUNIC WARS teenage son, also called Publius, led a body of horsemen to hi s rescue. The Roman arm y retreated in some disorder, destro ying the bridge across the Ticinus and moving back to a position outside the Roman colony of Placentia (modern Piacen za). In December Scipio was joined by Sempronius Longus , who soon afterwards won an action which had escalated from a minor skirmish .

Only the vanguard, some 6,000 men, failed to encounter serious opposition and escaped from the trap, but even these were subsequently rounded up by the victorious Carthaginians. Flaminius' army of 25,000-30,000 men had been effectively destroyed, but the cost of 1,500-2,500 Punic casualties testified to the struggle that some had managed to put up. The other consul, Gerninus, was hastening to join Flaminius and had sent his cavalry on ahead. This force, nearly 4,000 men commanded by Gaius Centenius, was ambushed and killed or captured by the enemy before they learned of the disaster.

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