Byzantium and the Decline of Rome by Walter Emil Kaegi

By Walter Emil Kaegi

The description for this ebook, Byzantium and the Decline of the Roman Empire, might be forthcoming.

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By Walter Emil Kaegi

The description for this ebook, Byzantium and the Decline of the Roman Empire, might be forthcoming.

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Никакая другая монументальная художественная форма не была так широко распространена в Римской империи, как скульптурный портрет, и его воздействие на городскую жизнь было значительным. Объединяя широкий социо-исторический обзор с полным анализом индивидуальных образов, их установкой и сопутствующими текстами, эта книга предлагает метод прочтения скульптурных портретов и их значения, даже тех, которые были давно изъяты из их первоначального контекста и теперь украшают галереи музеев.

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On Ardaburius: Seeck, "Ardabur," RE, 2 (1896) 606-607; on Aspar, his son: Seeck, "Fl. Ardabur Aspar," RE, 2 (1896) 607-610. si Socrates, Hist. Eccl, 7. 23 (PG 67. 792). • 11 · EASTERN EMPERORS AND WESTERN CRISES This incident again demonstrates the very deep interest of the leaders and ordinary people of the east in western affairs. The victory of Aspar secured the restoration of Galla Placidia and Valentinian III. Theodosius II then proclaimed Valentinian III as Augustus. Socrates Scholasticus asserts that Theodosius had even planned to travel to Italy to be present at the formal accession of Valentinian on 23 October 425: "He hurried eagerly to reach Italy in order to proclaim his cousin emperor, and while present to instruct the Italians by his wisdom not easily to incline to tyrants.

Thompson, "The Foreign Policies of Theodosius II and Marcian," Hermathena, 76 (1950) 66-70. 68 The Vandal attack on Rome had been triggered by the death of Valentinian III and the resulting western succession crisis. Legally Marcian became sole sovereign for the Roman Empire. Apparently he prepared for war with Geiseric when diplomacy failed to secure the release of Eudoxia. Death, however, terminated his plans in early 457. 69 IV Marcian's successor, Leo I (457-74) immediately reversed his predecessor's policy of nonintervention in the west.

7. 26 (344 Haury-Wirth). 109 The westerners had not entirely abandoned the idea of further eastern intervention.

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