Byte - May 1976 by Virginia Williamson

By Virginia Williamson

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By Virginia Williamson

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5. Connect 5 V and -9 V supplies from computer or other source and connect the 110 VAC power line. DELAY 520 MS FOR P~'lD POCGRAM DATA S'roPP~: RESEr POCGRAM ENABLE BIT Programmer Operation DELAY 9 MS FOR P~'lD S'roP DO NOT TURN POWER ON OR OFF WHILE EROM IS IN SOCKET. 1. 2. 3. 4. Turn on computer and programmer. Load EROM program at location 001/000. Load desired EROM data at location 002/000. Insert EROM into socket. Single step first five instructions of the program (to disable Program Enable).

Also 450 reels of computer tape 2400 fee t, most wilh tape sea ls. $2 each. Pick up, cash only. Kenneth CHopper, 4021 S Bowman , Indi anapolis, IN 46227, 131717B7·B661 FOR SALE OR SWAP : 12 sheets of double sided, 1 ounce copper circ-uil board, 3/32" by 11 1 /4" by 16 1/2". $12 . Les Harrison, 1201 Country Club Rd , Wilmington NC 28401, 763·5915. TC5005 calculator chips, Model 26 KSR Teletype, . and misc . TTL and linear ICs . Will swap for microprocessors, memories, TVT-II boards. etc. Also need software for Mostek MK5065 micro- processor and would like to contact other 5065 users.

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