Bled orthographe by Edouard Bled

By Edouard Bled

189pages. 23x14x2cm. Broché

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By Edouard Bled

189pages. 23x14x2cm. Broché

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2 The development ofindigenous vocaЬulary It has been observed that the rate of borrowing during the Soviet period had two peaks: the first at the end of the 1920s and the beginning of the 1930s, and the second in the 1960s. 5 per cent of new 1exica1 deve1opments. 5 per cent of them were based on native resources (Shk1iarevskii, 1984:51). There were severa1 1eading themes in 1exica1 deve1opment, of which the growth of the importance of science, the beginning of the space age and the emergence of television sets in people's homes were among the most notaЬle.

Iг 'Ьlitzkrieg' was one of the first war-time borrowings. Together with its Russian calque молниеносная война, the word fi lled the pages of the newspapers in the early part of the war: Гитлер и его приспешники ещё до начала войны с нами кричали о блицкр1122, о молm1еносной войне, но их расчёты и планы с треском провалились ... (Веч. 41) Even Ьefore the outЬreak of war with us Hitler and his henchmen were shouting about the Ьlitzkrieg, about the lightning war, however their calculations and plans came а cropper.

You know, he's already fought Jerry. See how red his cheek is! said Stёpa Safonov with relish. uence of the war was more apparent at the intra-language level. This is especially evident in the expansion of military vocabulary into wider circles ofusage. It was also reflected in the emergence ofnew terms and words based on native resources. The m ilitarisation of the language was initiated Ьу the Revolution and the Civil War. Expressions coined during that time were used metaphorically in relation to other spheres of life, particularly economic and ideological.

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