Bibliothèques & étagères by Catherine Levard

By Catherine Levard

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By Catherine Levard

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She went out to pay an unavoidable call on the priest of the village of San Nicolo who was, perhaps, a Jesuit spy. When she got, back for dinner at seven, she found no one in the little room where her lover had been hiding. Beside herself, she ran all over the house looking for him. He was not there. She returned in despair to his room and it was only then that she saw the note. It said: I am going to the Legate to give myself up. I have lost hope in our cause: heaven is against us. Who betrayed us?

Among so many striking women an argument arose as to which was the most beautiful. The verdict remained unsettled for some time but eventually Princess Vanina Vanini, she of the black hair and blazing eyes, was proclaimed Queen of the Ball. At once the foreign gentlemen and the youth of Rome forsook all other rooms and crowded into the salon where she was. Her father, Prince Asdrubale Vanini, had insisted that she should dance first with two or three of Germany's royal sovereigns. She then accepted invitations from several handsome, very aristocratic Englishmen but their starched manners bored her.

That lady, whose name must never be spoken, saved my life. At the moment when the soldiers swept into her house to arrest me, your father was driving me away from it in his carriage. I feel very ill. For several days now the bayonet wound in my shoulder has been making it 11 Stendhal difficult for me to breathe. ' Vanina had listened with impatience. Then she rushed out of the room, Missirilli had seen no pity in those lustrous eyes, merely the reflection of a haughty character which had just been offended.

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