Antenna handbook by Y.T. Lo, S.W Lee

By Y.T. Lo, S.W Lee

Lo Y., Lee S. Antenna guide (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993, 2)(ISBN 0442015933)

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By Y.T. Lo, S.W Lee

Lo Y., Lee S. Antenna guide (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993, 2)(ISBN 0442015933)

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R = 1) is identical with that for a short dipole, that is, (46) Table 3 lists the receiving parameters for various small loops. 7. Ferrite Loop Antennas For a given current a loop wound on a magnetic core produces a stronger field than the loop alone. If the loop and its core-are small, the directive pattern is still of Receiving Antennas 6-19 Table 3. 4 31 ()()() (A~t) N2(31 ()()() Jr~14) N2(jieff )2(31 000 Jr~14) Antenna Theory 6-20 the figure-8 shape; hence the directivity of the loop is not affected by the core.

The inductive loading is advantageous since the loading increases the current moment, and the receiving parameter--effective length-varies as the current moment. The location of the inductor in the radiating structure affects the value of the radiation resistance in the sense that the current distribution along the antenna is modified. The optimum location for this inductance with regard to efficiency is about four-tenths of the length of the antenna above the ground plane [7]. The radiation efficiency of this inductively loaded monopole is still small (in practice, on the order of 10 percent at the lower end of the band).

The function h, like the function N or A, is a function of the spherical angular variables (f), l/J) only, being independent of the radial variable r. A plot of Ihl yields the field pattern and that of Ihl 2 yields the power pattern. , h = -Nllin • Receiving Antennas 6-5 The vector effective height is particularly useful in relating the open-circuit voltage or the short-circuit current in the theory of receiving antennas. - where Ei denotes the incident electric field measured at the site of the antenna terminals.

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