Amharic-English Dictionary. by Thomas L Kane

By Thomas L Kane

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By Thomas L Kane

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1985; see also Schmidt 1990, Meid 1992: 40-6. 10.

1). g. Gaul Epo- 'horse', petru- 'four', Lep -pe 'and' (cf. g. -Cue 'and', neCue 'neither'. g. equos and quimon from the Calendar of Coligny (Duval and Pinault 1986), and the local and tribal names Sequana 'Seine', Sequani, Quariates 'Queyras', etc. The validity of p/q could be rescued by appeal to archaism; that is, the Gaulish forms with -qu- could be archaisms, especially those preserved in the Calendar of Coligny, which pre-date the change of /kw/ to /p/ (Schmidt 1978-80: 197-8, 1988: 232-5).

The text of the inscription was published by Lejeune and Marichal 1976-7: 156-68. Subsequently, interpretative discussions have been contributed by Fleuriot 1976-7, Lambert 1979a and 1987 and Schmidt 1980-2; see also Meid 1992: 38-40 and Lambert 1994: 150-9. A full edition of all the Gaulish inscriptions in Roman cursive is in preparation in the same series as Lejeune 1985 and 1988. For similar texts from Britain (almost entirely in Latin), see Tomlin 1988. 9. The text of the inscription was published together with interpretative discussions by Lejeune et al.

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