A Manager's Guide to Telecommunications by Martin Gandoff (Auth.)

By Martin Gandoff (Auth.)

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By Martin Gandoff (Auth.)

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However, the PSTN, leased lines and networks will normally the stop/start bits are bits just like those that form require synchronous transmission for speed. 3 A sine wave Voice and data transmission As sources of information, sound and 'computer' data are fundamentally different. Speech is passed by a form of energy that is continuous in nature in that for the duration of the sound, there are no gaps. In addition, it is variable in the sense that it is recognised by the fact that it is continuously changing.

A system might have been set up to analyse the noise of low-flying aircraft and the detector/collector must be able to handle the continuous signals. In fact, it is usual to digitise such data anyway. 6 Digital data distorted during between digital data and continuous sound was transmission important. Data is usually generated in analogue form and, for transmission purposes, the traditional serial telephone line is not very good con sation to carried out. With data, which is for transmitting digital data, neither without dis- almost always sent in some coded representation, tortion nor at a very high speed.

Sending a piece of keyed-in text from a word-processing clerk to a remote disk store, or using an on-line badgereader to send flexitime readings to a remote payroll computer. For synchronous transmission, timing marks are inserted around blocks of characters instead of 'framing' each character with stop/start bits. In this Assuming serial transmission, bits will be sent one way, data is sent faster because there is less at a time from sender to receiver and, whatever overhead. The 'clock' or timing marks may be happens during transport through the system, they inserted by the modem or can be sent separately.

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