A Handbook of Comparative Tai by Fang Kuei Li

By Fang Kuei Li

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By Fang Kuei Li

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Chirrup: piad, gorjeas, gorjee, gorjeen, pía, piáis, piamos, pían, pías, gorjean, píen. evermore: eternamente. fiddler: violinista. gracefully: graciosamente, desenvueltamente, elegantemente, gallardamente, airosamente. grouping: agrupación, agrupamiento, agrupar. heaped: amontonado. housemaid: criada, empleada doméstica, mucama. lofty: alto, encumbrado. lovable: amable, afable. milkman: lechero. movable: movible, móvil. perish: perecer, perecéis, perezco, perezcan, pereces, perecemos, pereced, perece, perecen, perezca.

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No. " Perhaps, Scrooge could not have told anybody why, if anybody could have asked him; but he had a special desire to see the Spirit in his cap; and begged him to be covered. " exclaimed the Ghost, "would you so soon put out, with worldly hands, the light I give? " Scrooge reverently disclaimed all intention to offend or any knowledge of having wilfully "bonneted" the Spirit at any period of his life. He then made bold to inquire what business brought him there. " said the Ghost. Scrooge expressed himself much obliged, but could not help thinking that a night of unbroken rest would have been more conducive to that end.

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